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Date Type Location Seller Auctioneer  
10/23/14 Real Estate Otterville, MO Williams Hutchison Auction & Real Estate, LLC
10/25/14 Land Warsaw, MO Rugh Larry Drenon Auction Service  
10/25/14 Public Fortuna, MO Various Steve Dubbert Auction Service
10/25/14 Antique Marshall, MO Dyer Enyeart Auction & Realty
10/25/14 Real Estate Mexico, MO Day Gold Star Auction & Realty  
10/25/14 Real & Estate Bunceton, MO Hein Hutchison Auction & Real Estate, LLC
10/28/14 Real Estate Sedalia, MO Marriott Hutchison Auction & Real Estate, LLC
11/01/14 Real Estate Syracuse, MO Young Dubbert Auction Service
11/01/14 Farm California, MO Elliott Glen Fahrni Auction Service
11/08/14 Public Warsaw, MO Godi Larry Drenon Auction Service  
11/08/14 Estate Eldon, MO Norman Maher Auction Service  
11/14/14 Real & Estate Rocheport, MO Hubbell Hutchison Auction & Real Estate, LLC

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